Pothole filling and parking lot repair for RI, MA, CT and NH

E-Z Patch is your new local option for asphalt repair!

  • State DOTs
  • Local Cities and Towns
  • Condo and Housing Communities
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Facility Campuses
  • Commercial Parking Lots

Efficient, cost-effective asphalt spray patch repair work

E-Z Patch, Inc. is a professional, locally-owned business that provides instant, durable pothole repair in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We are able to perform thorough, precise repairs - at competitive prices - using state-of-the-art-equipment and materials. The process is done in minutes and traffic may resume immediately following the repair.

*In addition to pothole repair, we also offer commercial sealcoating & line striping as well as residential sealcoating.

Properly maintaining road surfaces and parking areas

Failing to properly fill potholes and repair cracks could accelerate deterioration, cause property damage, and even worse, injure pedestrians or drivers. If you're a municipality or commercial business in the New England area, gain peace of mind! Call E-Z Patch at (401) 641-9007 today!

Our guarantee is not limited to one year, as our customers are more important than our one year guarantee!

When the City of Newport needs repairs done on Bellevue Avenue / Mansion Row, they call E-Z Patch

E-Z Patch repairing sections of Bellevue Avenue / Mansion Row in Newport, RI
E-Z Patch repairing sections of Bellevue Avenue / Mansion Row in Newport, RI

View a demonstration of our asphalt spray patching machine in action

We have the ability to handle jobs of all sizes - from large municipal projects to small private parking lots and everything in between. With quick turnaround service, you can be sure that your roadways will be safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Protect your facility from a potentially costly accident! Call (401) 641-9007 or email E-Z Patch today!

Benefits of E-Z Patch's pothole repair and asphalt spray patching...

Before pothole repair asphalt spray patching RI MA CT NH
After repairing a potholes with asphalt spray patching RI MA CT NH
  • Extend the life of your asphalt surfaces
  • Fill potholes, alligator cracking and sinkholes
  • Cost-effective & outlasts traditional repairs
  • Delay costly overlays
  • Winter blended emulsions allow operation at or below freezing temperatures
  • 1 Year Warranty on all repairs (ask for details)

Owner, Darrell Edmonds works with DOT staff to improve road conditions across New England

Darrell Edmonds, owner of asphalt spray patching company, E-Z Patch, Inc.
E-Z Patch is happy to work in conjunction with State Department of Transportation staff to improve road conditions across New England

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